Tuesday, February 16, 2010


TRAINING TRAINED!! Yes that is right! No more diapers for the singleton house!! Benjamin has joined his big brother in the world of wearing underware and is VERY happy about it. It is so hard to believe that he is trained already. He was ready much sooner than I was. He has been asking to use the potty for awhile and I have pushed it off and not really encouraged it until...about 2 weeks ago he kept asking was DETERMINED to wear underware so I gave in negotiated and let him wear underware over his diaper. Creative I know. That was only good enough for a couple of days he kept telling me no diapers no diapers so on Saturday the 6th we decided to go ahead and give it is shoot we made it through the day with only 2 accidents!!! To say that I was excited is a understatment. Since then he has only had a few accidents and has been wearing underware since the 10th! He is such a big boy!! I am sad that I wont see his little chunky legs hanging out of a diapers anymore. I dont expect him not to have any accidents but I can say that potty training him has been a BREEZE!!
Here is a picture of him wearing underware (he was opening his V-day card from Grandma =)


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