Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First Movie

Last Friday was a very exciting day at our house....TOY STORY 3 was coming out and we were going!! Ed and I took Christian out on a date with us while Benjamin stayed with a friend. He was beside himself with excitment! It was his first full movie in a theater. (I tried to take him and Benjamin to a free movie last summer and it didn't work out).

Our Family getting ready to go to the movie- can you see the excitment!TOY STORY 3!! Check out his shirt =) He was checking out the theaterEnjoying his first taste of movie theater popcorn and a drink a special treat and Yummy!!! The movie was suppose to start at 11:40 well at 12:00 it still had not started! We were not paying to see the movie in 3D it was going to cost more plus I didn't think Christian would really care. So the previews started and then they stopped and started again in 3D. So long story short we actually saw the movie in 3D which was neat. Here he is sporting his 3D glasses so cool!


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