Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

We have been anxiously awaiting warmer weather and since we have had a few beautiful day you can bet that we have been OUTSIDE!! At the park and at home. Here are a few pictures
Benjamin trying to ride Christians scooter he did great!!
Go Christian Go He LOVES his scooter
This Boy....
loves to
Be OUTSIDE! Benjamin was so excited he got to slide down the pole for the 1st time! Christan was jumping off of the step- good thing he didn't bite his tongue off Doing the zip line with Daddy
One Two Three....JUMP
Benjamin's turn to do the zip line
LOVE this boy!
Dare Devil
He loves to climb
My monkey swinging on the bar before going down the slide

Sunday, March 7, 2010


We went to Marbles Museum on Sunday the 28th Benjamin's actual birthday. We had a ton of fun!!
The kids Christian, Aidan, Kayla & Benjamin before we started playing The Birthday Boy!!
Uncle Michael and Christian building Daddy and Benjamin putting boxes into the mail truck
Big Box Kayla serving up some veggie in the fruit standBenjamin pushing his shopping cart full of goodsPutting his groceries away what a good helper! My 2 year old! Aidan and Benjamin working in the kitchenThe Greatest Performance put on that day at the museum..... Aunt Jamie and Kayla getting down Go Kayla Go Kayla Go Aunt Jamie Go Aunt Jamie Yah Yah! Take a bow Poor Benjamin he was not impressed...he hates when we get dressed up it scares him. He even hates to see Ed with shaving cream on to shave.... Grandma and Grandpa decided to get in on the action toAll Aboard....Benjamin climbing the steps up to the top of the ship Daddy and the Birthday Boy! Mommy and the Birthday Boy! Uncle Michael keeping watch on the ship. Aidan strutting his stuff on the ship Kayla Kayla and Christian working with the anchorAidan's turn Mommy and Aunt Rhonda even took a turn on the ship well at least for the photo op Mommy and Uncle Michael in the ship Ha! What else is there to even say......At one point while we were playing on the boat Christian was "missing" we found him over at the water table playing he put on a smock and was going to town. He LOVES the water!Grandma & Grandpa were there....Our little submarine driverJump Jump Hold On......Daddy is taking you for a ride! Love the look on their faces.They had the new area open at Marbles and it was a TON of fun. It was all about money. We didn't take very many pictures we were too busy playing I can't wait to go back and play in the new area again! Benjamin found a dog and he played with it for a long timeKayla did tooBenjamin walking through the could walk on it and it would light up when you stepped on it. Racing his carPlaying marblesBirthday kisses from MommyCheeseThe whole gang (except Uncle Michael he was taking the picture)After Marbles we went to get something to eat at the Mexican restaurant here is our big boy drinking from a big cup
By the time we left he was a MESS...and VERY VERY tired can you tell? We have a AWESOME weekend celebrating Benjamin's 2nd Birthday and look forward to the adventures that await us on the way to 3!


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