Sunday, March 7, 2010


We went to Marbles Museum on Sunday the 28th Benjamin's actual birthday. We had a ton of fun!!
The kids Christian, Aidan, Kayla & Benjamin before we started playing The Birthday Boy!!
Uncle Michael and Christian building Daddy and Benjamin putting boxes into the mail truck
Big Box Kayla serving up some veggie in the fruit standBenjamin pushing his shopping cart full of goodsPutting his groceries away what a good helper! My 2 year old! Aidan and Benjamin working in the kitchenThe Greatest Performance put on that day at the museum..... Aunt Jamie and Kayla getting down Go Kayla Go Kayla Go Aunt Jamie Go Aunt Jamie Yah Yah! Take a bow Poor Benjamin he was not impressed...he hates when we get dressed up it scares him. He even hates to see Ed with shaving cream on to shave.... Grandma and Grandpa decided to get in on the action toAll Aboard....Benjamin climbing the steps up to the top of the ship Daddy and the Birthday Boy! Mommy and the Birthday Boy! Uncle Michael keeping watch on the ship. Aidan strutting his stuff on the ship Kayla Kayla and Christian working with the anchorAidan's turn Mommy and Aunt Rhonda even took a turn on the ship well at least for the photo op Mommy and Uncle Michael in the ship Ha! What else is there to even say......At one point while we were playing on the boat Christian was "missing" we found him over at the water table playing he put on a smock and was going to town. He LOVES the water!Grandma & Grandpa were there....Our little submarine driverJump Jump Hold On......Daddy is taking you for a ride! Love the look on their faces.They had the new area open at Marbles and it was a TON of fun. It was all about money. We didn't take very many pictures we were too busy playing I can't wait to go back and play in the new area again! Benjamin found a dog and he played with it for a long timeKayla did tooBenjamin walking through the could walk on it and it would light up when you stepped on it. Racing his carPlaying marblesBirthday kisses from MommyCheeseThe whole gang (except Uncle Michael he was taking the picture)After Marbles we went to get something to eat at the Mexican restaurant here is our big boy drinking from a big cup
By the time we left he was a MESS...and VERY VERY tired can you tell? We have a AWESOME weekend celebrating Benjamin's 2nd Birthday and look forward to the adventures that await us on the way to 3!

The Birthday Bash!

We had Benjamin's 2nd Birthday party on the 27th. He picked Elmo and he partied with Elmo from the time he got up until the time he went to bed. =)
When he got up on Saturday he was so excited about all of his decorations! (Like the Elmo PJ's)
I went out EARLY and got Daylight Donuts he loves the sprinklesLet the PARTY begin...his friends all arrived and we started things off with a game of Pin the Nose on Elmo! Then it was time for Pizza and juice boxes... he doesn't get juice boxes often this is maybe his 3rd one ever and he sucked it down in like 2 seconds. Opening his gifts yes he has A LOT to work through if you look at the table behind him...he was taken with the banana's. Eww...while I was reading the card he took a huge bite out of one of the banan's peeling and all! The banana's came with a gift card to Monkey Joes incase you were wondering =) He loved opening his gifts and didn't want any help at all. He was great with his manners he told everyone thank you after he opened their gift. He was really interested in his new clothes which I found funny since most of the time they just get thrown to the side and he told Aunt Rhonda thank you at least 10 times for them! This was at the end of the gift opening Christian wanted to help and as you can tell from the picture Benjamin wanted to do it himselfNow onto the cake the WONDERFUL Elmo cake and cupcakes. (If you ever need to have a cake made I can give you the name of a GREAT cake decorator and she is really reasonable!) He wasn't quite sure what to think when everyone was singing Happy Birthday to him. Blowing out the candles he needed a little helpA red cupcake!!He went straight for the icing love that little red face! Napkin please he doesn't really like to be messy which is funny considering he is just one big mess =) The Elmo pinata- the pinata's are alwaya a hit! Pulling the string!! Putting some of the loot in his bag Playing with his balloon that is one of his favorite things to do...he is actually still carrying it around the house Daddy Mommy and the VERY HAPPY Birthday boy! Our Family! Oh wait though the party wasn't over when everyone left it kept going at least for Benjamin- Playing Mr. Potato Head with Grandpa Trying on Uncle James hat and glasses- HEART BREAKER! and playing peek a boo from under the Thomas Gift Bag while wearing his new shirt he couldn't put down.... and what birthday night would be complete with out "driving" Uncle Jame's truck before he headed back home!
Benjamin definitely had a fun filled day of partying from the time he got up until the time his head hit the pillow that night he was SPOILED. He had a blast!! He was a little overwhelmed at first when we had 30+ people standing around the house waiting to help him celebrate but he finally warmed up. We were so thankful to have so many friends and family here to help celebrate with us. This year was a little different because Benjamin has made his "own" friends and Christian wondered where some of his friends were we had to explain that we couldn't invite EVERYONE we wouldn't have enough room for them all! We can't believe that he is already 2 working on 3. He is a blessing to us and we are so thankful he is part of our family!


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