Thursday, May 26, 2011

21 Weeks

Better late then Here are a few pictures of me right around 20 weeks. We had our OB apt. last week and things are moving right along! Both of the boys looked great! Its really awesome that we get an ultrasound each time we go even though its just a for a few minutes to make sure they are doing ok its still great to see them and see how much they have grown. Everything looked good and we are right where we should be. Our Dr. was very honest with us letting us know that the next few weeks are going to be our "honeymoon" period so to speak. He said we need to enjoy them and get as much done as possible...that is our goal! This week we are preparing to go visit some friends and then take a short family vacation to the beach. Our last "big" trip as a family of four!

Right round 20 weeks
 Me and my FOUR boys!
 Me and My awesome hubby

How far along: 21weeks

Clothes: Maternity my favs are shorts and comfy shirts

Gender: 2 boys

Names: Still deciding....

Movement: Daily little flutters and kicks can't tell them apart yet but hopefully soon

Food/Cravings: Nothing really but I have ventured back into eatting a little bit of red meat...steak not hamburger...yet!

What I miss: sleeping comfortably I knew it would get to the point where it ws uncomfortable but was hoping not this soon. =)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!

This past Thursday we celebrated 10 years of marriage! I can't believe it has been 10 years. It has been a truly wonderful journey thus far. This picture from our wedding day is one of my favorites. I have posted it a number of times and absolutly LOVE it. Two lives joining together for better or worse through all of lifes trials and celebrations!
This picture was taken on Thursday night before we went out to dinner to celebrate. There are so many events that have taken place in the ten years that lapse between these pictures....buying and selling of our first house, a cancer diagnosis and treatments that cured, a move from VA to NC, buying a second home, having two boys with two more on the way, and a few gray hairs to prove that we have lived through it all. =) This list is just a very very small list of what we have been through and the blessings that we have had. Looking forward to celebrating many many more years with my amazing husband. I could not be more thankful for the husband that God gave me.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

End of the Year Art Show

We had the boys end of the year art show at preschool last night. It is always fun to go and see what they have worked so hard on throughout the year.

Benjamin was so excited to show us what he had been working on. He ran straight to the bulletin board to show us his butterfly and flower first.
He was super excited to show Daddy the kite that he made. He did an awesome job. Red is by far his FAVORITE color.

Showing Daddy where some of his artwork is on the wall. He is so cute he can pick his name out and knows that it starts with B.
Love those little hand prints and finger prints
Benjamins two teachers from this year Mrs. Peggy and Mrs. Joanne. They have both been wondeful. Its has been a blessing that both of my boys have had the opportunity to be in Mrs. Peggys class she has been teaching for YEARS and has such a passion for working with little ones. Her talents and her patience amaze me! Mrs. Joanne was her assistant this year and just loves on all the little ones in the class. I can only hope Mrs. Peggy is still teaching when the twins are ready for preschool.
This by far has to be one of my FAVORITE pictures ever with Benjamin L.O.V.E. it...I am going to print it out and frame it ASAP!
Next stop was Christian's room. He could hardly contain himself while we were in Benjamin's room. He was so EXCITEd to show us all of his artwork. He had A LOT it is one of his favorite things to do.
Holding up his calendar that he made can you tell he is proud.
Here is my Firetruck!
Some of the artwork focused on books they had been reading. Here is his version of the very hungry caterpillar.
His winter Penguin fingerpaint.
His snowman. I love to see his creativity. He tends to lean towards the stripes and patterns when he is making things.
His tye dye thanksgiving turkey
Me and my biggest boy. I cannot believe that he only has one more year of preschool until he starts kindergarten. I am thankful that his birthday is in October and it gives me one more year of having him at home. His picture is behind me on the right. He did an awesome job gluing his name. He amazes me by how smart he is. He can write his name with no help at all. I loved finding his pictures and seeing his name written on the bottom.
Mrs. Diane his lead teacher for this year. We LOVE her so glad that my boy was in her class. She is a treasure that is for sure. He adores her!! She is wonderful with all of the children and encourages them each so much! I am so thankful that next year Benjamin will be in her class!!
Christian and Mrs. Shelia. Chrisitan lucked out Mrs. Shelia was Mrs. Peggys assistant last year and then moved to Mrs. Dianes class this year so he has been with her two years in a row! He loves her! I can only hope she doen't play musical classrooms next year so Benjamin can have the opportunity to be with her!
Daddy and Christian Christians Pigeon is to the left of Eds arm its covering a little of his face.
Our Family at the Art Show. I can hardly believe everyone is looking at the camera! YAY!! We had a awesome night looking at all of their hardwork!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

My Little Guitar Man

This past weekend when we were in Richmond Benjamin got to play with his cousin Aiden's Paper Jamz Guitar. He was one happy little guy. He has his own real guitar but he is not allow to just pick it up and play with it so he had a blast with this one. Out of the two boys this one has a LOVE for music if he even hears his Daddy cracking open a guitar case he goes running as fast as his little feet can carry him waiting for his turn to play. He can name e.v.e.r.y. s.i.n.g.l.e.  p.a.r.t. of the guitar. He LOVES it. I hope that he can learn to play just like his Daddy.

Can you tell hes excited!

Struming with the music
 Just look at the faces he makes while he say he gets into his music is putting it lightly.
My First Video on the Blog....I recorded him playing once he knew the video was going he didn't show off as much but the song choice was perfect. Born To Be Wild! Enjoy~ (Sorry its sideways I dont know how to roate it =)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

19 Weeks

I can't believe we are already 19 weeks into this pregnancy hard to believe that we have at the most 19 more weeks until we meet our two little ones! I have so much to do I guess I need to get my list going and get on with it. I have been trying to decide what to do in the nursery but we haven't officially decided on anything just yet. Last Thursday we had our first appointment at UNC with the specialist. It was a long ultrasound where they take lots of measurements and see how each baby is growing. They both looked great and they measured exactly the same for everything. They both weighed about 8oz. Since we are having twins we are going to have quite a few ultrasound but thats fine with me....more pictures of our littles and getting to watch them grow from one appointment to the next is amazing. They change so much! I have been feeling them move for a few a few weeks. In the past week they have turned from little flutters into small kicks. Ed got to feel them move for the first time on Saturday night. I can't wait until Christian and Benjamin are able to feel them moving!  

Mothers Day 2011 (almost 19 weeks)
Twin A- looking down to the left (the thin line in the picture coming out from behind Twin A is the membrane that is between Twin A and Twin B seperating them).

I think this picture is self explanatory...  
This is the profile of Twin B
and this picture is self explanatory as well. It is definetly 2boys! 

How far along: 19weeks

Milestone: Since they are not going to let us go 40weeks knowing we are half way there

Clothes: Maternity

Gender: 2 boys!

Names: We have not decided 100% yet

Movement: Yes for the past few weeks Ed can feel them kicking from time to time now 

Food/Cravings: NOTHING! I'm still really only eating grilled chicken as far as meat is concerned and the only thing that I have really enjoyed lately has been snyders pretzels dipped in ranch...interesting I know

What I miss: not having to get up in the night to use the bathroom  

Weight Gain: I dont mind sharing this now but as we get closer to the end I may not be as willing to this point only +3lbs.

What I am looking forward to: setting up the nursery x2!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pregnancy 18 weeks

I know I am the worst at blogging. I mean I haven't updated in over a month. At this point we are almost 1/2 way through this pregnancy. It is amazing to me that in about 22 weeks we will have two more little members in our family! I haven't posted any pregnancy pictures anywhere so I thought I wold go ahead and post a few.

First here are two pictures of me from last fall (one in Aug. and one in Sept.). These two pictures were taken before I lost weight (otherwise I would probably not post them).

This picture was taken in January 2011. I wish I had taken a few more while I was losing weight to see the progress along the way. Its amazing to me to look at the pictures and see the difference. I still had a ways to go...but little did I know 8 days after taking this picture I would find out that I was pregnant and then with twins!

Here I am Easter Sunday (not the best picture but you can def. see the rapidly growing belly=)


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