Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Difference a Week Makes

(I originally wrote this when they were 1 week old on Wed. just now getting to post it!)
38 Weeks Sept. 21, 2011 4:30am....on the way out the door to the hospital to have the boys!! I can't belive that we made it to 38 weeks. This is one of the last pictures of me pregnant with the boys. I am sure glad they are here but must admit that I will always cherish the kicks and hicups and crazy feeling of being pregnant with two!
 Welcome to the world baby boys!!

Baby Boy A- James Isaac Singleton
5lbs 11oz 19" 9/21/11 7:56am
 Baby Boy B- Joshua Edward Singleton
5lbs 5oz 19 1/2" 9/21/11 7:56am
The boys were born via c-section. We scheduled it a few weeks out because both boys were breech. I was really hoping that they would turn and we could try for a natural delivery but that didn't happen. I was very nervous about having a section espeically after our induction with Christian and the hard time we had getting the epidural that ended up not working. I was dreading getting a spinal. It was difficult to get the spinal in they were on the last try before actually putting me under for the section. It was the 6th attempt which was acutally the 12th shot because they have to stick you twice once for the numbing medicine and one for the needle. I was estatic when they finally got it in and it took effect immediatly. Once the spinal was in place they let Ed come into the operating room. He was in the room maybe 4 minutes before the babies were born. I LOVE the Dr. that delivered. Dr. Segal- he actually got both boys out in the same minute!! So James is only about 45seconds older then his brother! =) I think thats amazing usually they are a couple of minutes apart. When they were born they did a drive by and I literally got to take a glance at them. Thankfully Ed got to go with them to get cleaned up and checked out while I got stiched up. It felt like it took forever. The boys checked out great and had awesome apgar scores. Another thing that was really neat is that when they tested their bloodsugars to make sure they were in normal limits they both had the exact same bloodsugar.  I was in the or until almost 10 and then had to go to recovery for 1 hour. Once I was done with all of that I FINALLY got to see my boys at around 11am.

 Proud Daddy!
Mommy getting to hold the boys for the first time! Amazing feeling to hold two baby boys at one time!
 First Photo with Mommy and Daddy
 BLESSED- so VERY VERY blessed my heart is full!
Dr. Segal- LOVE him so glad that he was able to deliver our boys!!
One Week Old- cuddling at home- they love sleeping next to each other head to head. Most of the time when we had our ultrasounds this is how they were head to head against each other.
 One Week Later- Mommy and her boys

It has been quite an adventure this far and is truly amazing having two little ones at one time!!
James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father 


Nungari M. said...

I am so happy for you!Been checking you out! A pregnancy-two awesome boys, Mum fine while Dad is recovering!!!!!! We praise God with you!

the bennetts said...

oh i love it. i love it all!!!! i love those babies and all of the singletons! great post, love the sequence of photos you used :)

Ashford Family said...

Thank you for your sweet comment Jamie!! I have also been following your blog through Emily's! You have 4 beautiful boys! It's been so neat to follow your pregnancy with your twins to see the things I had to look forward to! Congratulations on your sweet blessings!! I hope you're prepared for some twin questions from me in the future. :)


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