Monday, March 14, 2011

The Story of the TWINS~

 I wanted to write this down so that I would remember and could share it since so many people have asked. The first question we got a lot was were you guys planning on having another baby. Well I guess the answer would be yes and no. We have not really been trying or not trying and it just had not happened so in the fall I went to a new OB just becuase I felt like something was wrong at my first visit I was diagnoised with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) after talking with the Dr. and having a ultrasound done. After meeting with the Dr. a few times we agreed on a weight loss goal (being overweight is a factor in having PCOS) I had for myself and then we would discuss pregnancy options if we really wanted to have another baby. I was well on my way to my weight loss goal only about 9lbs away from where I wanted to be. I went in for a follow up visit and told him I felt like I had hit a wall and we had a discussion about what I would do next.

It was that very next weekend that I found out I was pregnant. When I took the pregnancy test I thought it was pointless and that my cycle was just off but it was POSITIVE!!! Three tests later I believed I was pregnant! It was a Saturday morning and I had to go to work so I was trying to figure out a creative way to tell Ed. I mean I knew that if I was in shock he would be to. We were downstairs getting breakfast for the boys he called Christian and Benjamin to come eat he said alright Snickers and Milkway come eat breakfast. I responded and said if they are snickers and milkway is the next one going to be twix?? After he picked his jaw up off the floor he was very excited. I think that we were both in shock not thinking that it was going to happen anytime soon.

Fastforward to the first doctors apt. we went in and had an ultrasound they saw one sac and a possible fetal pole but no heartbeat yet it was still really early. The ultrasound tech also saw something else but said it was probably just a blighted ovum. We left hoping that at our next visit things would look good and we would have a healthy baby growing. We went back at 7 weeks and a few days and saw one healthy baby growing with a stong heartbeat. We were very excited! We had a due date of the end of Sept. first part of Oct.

Over the next serval days/weeks I was SO SICK I couldnt eat or drink nothing was staying down. I was napping everyday every chance that I got I felt HORRIBLE to put it lightly. I did what I had to do to make it through the day and that was it. This past week I still was not feeling well and was really worried that something might be wrong so I called and they said they wanted me to come in. I went in and met with my Dr. he has to be my favorite and I am SOOO glad that we changed practices. He told me it was fine to be worried and I was not the first women to come in and feel that way it was perfectly normal that we would just check everything out. Well he started the ultrasound and of course I couldn't see...I have not been wearing my contacts when I am pregnant they give me headaches and in a mad dash out of the house didn't grab my glasses. The next thing I know I hear Dr. C say Dad do you see which Ed does not respond I can't see and I say is everything ok do you see a heartbeat?? Dr. C moves the screen and says can you see mom...ummm not yet he moves the screen again and I said oh my is that TWO?! Yes mam' do you see TWO heartbeats?! Yes mam' everything looks great you are having TWINS!??!??! (They are fraternal twins two seperate eggs both fertalized so each baby is in his/her own sac and has his/her own placenta) We were both in a complete state of shock to say the least. We are very excited about these two little blessing and I guess I def. choose the right candy bar when I asked Ed if the next baby(babies) is going to be TWIX seeing as they only come in sets of 2!

We are soooo excited and go from excited to shocked and are looking forward to welcoming two little babies in the fall!! So far we have gotten a lot of opinions on the gender of the babies...Benjamin has said from the start he was having a girl and if you ask him if its a boy he will give you a very firm NO its a that we are having two he says its a boy and a girl and Christian's answer is generally the same. My vote is that it will be a boy and a girl or two boys... we will see.....and yes for those of you wondering we will be finding out this time since we are having twins. We are just praying for a healthy pregnancy and the babies to contine to grown strong and heatlhy.


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