Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family First

Before we had littles we used to go camping from time to time....Ed has been wanting to take the boys camping for awhile. So we celebrated Fathers Day one week early and went Camping for 1 night.

The van packed for O.N.E. night of camping (insert oh my how are we going to pack for the beach for a whole week!?!)The Tent- TADA as Benjamin says =)Christian was beside himself to finally be camping!! Benjamin was just a ball of sweat he is very hot natured like his mama- oh and thats ice in his hand he was eatting on to help cool down. So excited to help Daddy cook the hotdogs! Watching the fireBenjamin's turnYummy! What camping trip is complete without Smores? When we were done with dinner we fixed smores and Christian loved them Benjamin could have cared less he was not interested at all!Testing out the water at the lake before bed! My boysSnuggles with Daddy before bed there were no pictures after they went to sleep because lets just say it took them awhile to get there =) Playing in the lake Christian LOVED playing in the lake and floating around...he thought he neeed his life vest and his swim ring plus hes got his bucket in his hand.
We had a great time camping and look forward to going again. The boys keep asking if we can go tomorrow.


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