Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Soccer Star~

So a few months ago we started asking Christian if he wanted to play ball this fall. Of course his answer was YES he has been asking for awhile since we live right by the ball field and see kids playing all the time when we are coming in and out.....well when I started looking in to it I found out that fall ball for his age close to our house didn't seem to be an option but soccer was. So we gave him the option of playing soccer or waiting until the spring to play t-ball. He said he wanted to try soccer (he has played once before at the factory). So here he is all ready to go to his first practice! 

I can't get over how BIG he looks in this picture!! is Christian with his coach Daddy....yes you read that right Ed is coaching the soccer team (like we dont have enough changes coming! =) Ed wanted to help and take part in his team and then we found out they really needed a few more coaches so here is Christian and Daddy.
 First Practice! Looking forward to his first game on the 17th! Love how cute he looks and that he is actuallly paying least while I was snapping the picture =)
Benjamin watching them practice he is not quite old enough to play but aside from Mommy and Daddy he is def. his brothers biggest cheerleader!
Looking forward to a great soccer season and welcoming fall and cooler weather!


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