Wednesday, May 11, 2011

19 Weeks

I can't believe we are already 19 weeks into this pregnancy hard to believe that we have at the most 19 more weeks until we meet our two little ones! I have so much to do I guess I need to get my list going and get on with it. I have been trying to decide what to do in the nursery but we haven't officially decided on anything just yet. Last Thursday we had our first appointment at UNC with the specialist. It was a long ultrasound where they take lots of measurements and see how each baby is growing. They both looked great and they measured exactly the same for everything. They both weighed about 8oz. Since we are having twins we are going to have quite a few ultrasound but thats fine with me....more pictures of our littles and getting to watch them grow from one appointment to the next is amazing. They change so much! I have been feeling them move for a few a few weeks. In the past week they have turned from little flutters into small kicks. Ed got to feel them move for the first time on Saturday night. I can't wait until Christian and Benjamin are able to feel them moving!  

Mothers Day 2011 (almost 19 weeks)
Twin A- looking down to the left (the thin line in the picture coming out from behind Twin A is the membrane that is between Twin A and Twin B seperating them).

I think this picture is self explanatory...  
This is the profile of Twin B
and this picture is self explanatory as well. It is definetly 2boys! 

How far along: 19weeks

Milestone: Since they are not going to let us go 40weeks knowing we are half way there

Clothes: Maternity

Gender: 2 boys!

Names: We have not decided 100% yet

Movement: Yes for the past few weeks Ed can feel them kicking from time to time now 

Food/Cravings: NOTHING! I'm still really only eating grilled chicken as far as meat is concerned and the only thing that I have really enjoyed lately has been snyders pretzels dipped in ranch...interesting I know

What I miss: not having to get up in the night to use the bathroom  

Weight Gain: I dont mind sharing this now but as we get closer to the end I may not be as willing to this point only +3lbs.

What I am looking forward to: setting up the nursery x2!


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