Thursday, August 18, 2011

33 Weeks

5 Just FIVE more weeks at the most until we get to meet our boys!! I am so excited yet nervous. Its hard for me to believe that we have made it this far with only moderate rest and not full bedrest. Totally BLESSED!! Just this past week I have started moving pretty slow and having pregnancy pains that I'm not really used to but I guess when you are carrying twins at 33 weeks and measuring well over 42 weeks thats going to start happening. I am so grateful for friends that have been willing to help out with the boys during the day and when I have doctor appointments to make life a little bit easier. I am also greatful for a husband who comes home after working all day and picks up the rest of the duties for the evening with the boys so that I can rest as much as possible.

33 weeks and counting down:

Totally blessed to be carrying twins....amazing that God has called me to carry two babies at once an extra special blessing that this mama is happy to experience!


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