Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ready for Kindergarten

Christian says he is ready for Kindergarten...he asks all the time when he gets to go since he is going to be 5. We have the conversation weekly talking about him going to preschool one more year and having another summer break before he starts kindergarten. He seems ok with it at the time but then it comes back up in converstation again in the next couple of days.
He loves writing and is starting to read. Here are a few pictures of him practicing writing his letters. We have two books one for capital letters and one for lower case letters. I think he is doing a great job!
Total concentration- more then one person in this house makes faces when concentrating but I will leave them nameless :)
Proud of his hardwork- can't believe he is so stinkin big!
Pretty Awesome if I dont say so myself!
I can hardly believe that in just a few weeks he will start his last year of preschool and  we will celebrate his 5th birthday! The time has flown by...whats the saying the days drag by but the years fly-- S.O. T.R.U.E. He amazes me with how smart he is. We have been working on different things with him. He is reading some, knows his full name, phone number, full address, birthday, days of the week, 12 months, can add and subtract (love this since Math was always my fav.subject) more about dinosaurs, and cars then I could ever think possible.

I know that he is anxious to start Kindergarten but I'm glad that he has one more year at home!


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