Thursday, August 11, 2011

32 Weeks

So as the Dr. said yesterday we have reached another milestone with the pregnancy 32 weeks. I can hardly believe that we are down to 5 weeks and a few days before they will be here. We have been working hard on the to do list! We have the nursery set up just need to get a few more things done but its painted and has all the furniture set up. I will hopefully post pictures in the next little bit of the progress. Both boys are being pretty stubborn and are not in position so as of now we are planning on a c-section. We have one baby that is transverse (laying across my stomach) and the other one is breech. I am still trying to hold out hope that they will turn but as the weeks go by the chance of that happening goes down.

We have been blessed with two showers to help us prepare for the babies! I will try to post pictures from the showers soon. I really dont want to post any pictures of myself I feel HUGE but I am posting two just to make me feel better......

The first picture was taken in January just a couple of days before we found out we were pregnant I was so excited about all the weight I had lost! =) The second picture was taken this week 32 weeks. I definetly feel like I look like I am having twins although I have been hearing quiet a bit- you really dont look that big! I can't wait to meet our little men but know that they need to cook a little bit longer before making their grand entrance!


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