Saturday, October 8, 2011

Two Weeks~ (posted 3 days late...)

 I can hardly believe that 2 weeks have already passed since we had James and Joshua. They both are really good babies we are def. blessed in that department!! Here are a few pictures of them hanging out.

James(L) and Joshua(R)
 snuggle time

It has been interesting to watch the boys grow and change over the past two weeks. They are alike in many ways and yet so different. We have been asked a lot if they are identical..they are not they are fraternal twins.

James (supplanter) Isaac (he will laugh)- James is as close to Jamie as you can get and Isaac is a name that my Grandma has always loved.

James has the lighter hair and skin. He looks a lot like Chrisitan did when he was born. James has already shown us that he is more laid back. He doesn't cry often and when he does it takes him a little while to get really worked up. He is a s.l.o.w. eater he loves to take is time. He is long and skinny.

Joshua (God rescues) Edward (wealthy protector)- Joshua-is a name that we love and Edward is after Ed
Joshua has a full head of dark black hair and darker skin tone he looks a lot like Benjamin when he was born. Joshua has a little spunk to him he doesn't like to wait and when its time to eat its time to eat!! He H.A.T.E.S. his carseat and when he is mad about something he doesn't mind letting you know.

Both boys are pretty much on a schedule. They are eating every 4 hours and sleeping well in between. We took them for their two week checkup on Tuesday and they both weighed 5lbs 13oz. Joshua is 19 3/4 and James is 19 1/2". If James doesn't watch out Joshua is going to pass him in the weight department and for now is still holding on to his 1/4" lead with height. It is amazing to watch them when you put them together. They love to cuddle and be next to each other. When you lay them down together they instantly get quiet snuggle up and go to sleep. 


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