Monday, August 30, 2010

Zac Brown Band~

Two weekends ago I got to go away again (yes two weekends in a row) with one of my closest friends Emily. We went to see the Zac Brown Band in Charlotte. We saw him in concert last year at Kooka Booth and decided to take a girls trip to this year to see him in Charlotte.

Last Year at Zac Brown

We started our morning off heading for Concord Mills I mean really who sends two girls with no husbands or kids to Charlotte and dosen't let them go to Concord Mills. We had a blast walking through the SEVEN yes 7 neighborhoods of stores that they have.

Now where do two Moms go without kids for dinner...You guessed it Chick-fil-a and we enjoyed every single bite (not to mention that we didn't have to feed anyone else)!

We drove by the raceway and took a few pictures...but didn't have time to stop Zac Brown was waiting for us.

We had an absolute BLAST!! We laughed and laughed and just enjoyed the night! IT WAS SO STINKIN FUN!


LOOK LOOK--there he is we got our picture taken with Zac Brown!!! =) Well he is in the picture he's the teeny tiny little guy between our heads on stage. lol

This was his largest concert so far 19,000 people. He is amazing to listen to in person and puts on a great show I LOVE his music.

A little bit a chicken fried.....

We had a great time shopping and hanging out. The concert as you can probably tell from the picures was crazy fun!! Thanks for going with me Emily I can't wait to see where our road trip takes us next year!


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