Monday, June 6, 2011

22 weeks

Of course by now we all know my weekly pregnancy posts are usually a few days late so here is my 22 1/2 week post =). Maybe just maybe I will get to post 23weeks later this week. We were on vacation this last week. We had an amazing time at the beach. This picture was taken at Ripleys Aquarium (if you can't tell by the fish that looks like he is about to bite my head We have two appointments this week one with the regular OB and then one with our UNC specialist. I definetly feel like I am growing!

How far along: 22 weeks

Clothes: Still

Names: we have a few

Movement: Yes, daily

Food/Cravings: nothing specific although we were on vacation and I did eat...probably more then I should have....I acutally had dessert and seafood and it was YUMMY!! I am sure the scales will not tip in my favor this week. =)

What I miss: right now the beach 


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