Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

26/27 weeks

I guess its about time that I post for weeks 26 and 27 now that we are close to looking at 28 weeks. Things are going well. Last week I had to take the glucose test again...failed. We knew that was probably what was going to happen but the good news is that it seemed to be borderline. This past week we had 2 visits one to the specialist and one to the OB. We are going to the specialist every couple of weeks for a growth ultrasound and right now that boys are doing great! Baby Boy A was 2lbs 3oz and Baby Boy B was 2lbs 2oz. Baby Boy A is headdown and has been for weeks Baby Boy B however is up in my ribs....transverse. I really hope that he flips. In order to even try to have a natural delivery both babies need to be headdown. I really would like a natural delivery since things went well with both Chrisian and Benjamin. I am not to keen on having a c-section but we still have a couple of weeks to worry about that.

Here is a picture right about 26 weeks.
Right now the babies are about the size of a head of cauliflower.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July

We really didn't do a whole lot this weekend. Pretty much stayed around the house had a lazy weekend and tried to get a few things done in preperation for the arrival of the babies.

Daddy did make homemade icecream with the boys to have before the fireworks. Helping Daddy get the mix ready. Strawberry was the flavor of choice.
 The boys decided it would be a treat to add white chocolate chips
 Watching Daddy add the rock salt and ice
 Patiently watching the ice cream churn
After dinner we had friends over to watch the fireworks. They haven't seen each other since preschool let out everyone has been on vacation. I think they were excited to see each other.
 Playing with sparklers we had to find something to do to pass the time. Even though we could see the fireworks from our house they still were not scheduled to start until 9:45!
 This is as close as Benjamin would get to the sparklers and to say he didn't care for the fireworks is to put it lightly. He cried and went in the house he HATED them. He didn't even want to watch from a window inside the house. Hopefully in the next few years he will start to enjoy them because for the past couple of years he has wanted NOTHING to do with them.
 Enjoying the sparklers
 This picture makes me think of a firebug we may have to keep our eye on him =)
Enjoying the homemade icecream!
 Taking a little break before the fireworks start watching a movie. Benjamin & Jackson (6 months apart) Christian & Aidan (both 4)
 YAY!! Time for the fireworks you know you live close to where they are setting them off when they shake your whole house and debris lands in your driveway/yard. They are amazing to watch that close up and my hubby got a couple really good pictures!

 The big kids watched them outside while the younger two decided it would be best to stay in the house.
Hope everyone enjoyed their 4th of July!!


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