Thursday, June 16, 2011

Vacation Part 1~ Tennessee

I am finally starting to post about our least the first part. We started our vacation out with a trip to visit some of our friends in Tennessee Adam and Candace who just had their first baby a little girl in Feb. of this year. Here we are on Friday morning getting ready to head out...the boys are packed in the back and ready to go.

Anagrace was a hit as soon as we walked in the door they boys were ready to hold her

Looking at these pictures make me excited to see all four of our boys together in just a few short months.

To say she was the star of the weekend is to put it lightly
Two peas in a pod...Chrisitan and Adam looking at the menu at Cheddars. We had never been to a Cheddars before but let me let you the food was delicious and the prices were very reasonable.
Feeding the little princess
Playing Adam in Thumbwar
 What else do you do after a big meal at a nice restaurant but go next door to Marble Slab for icecream!
 The breakfast of Champions fixed for the boys by Adam...Poptart Chocolate doughnuts and Powdered doughnuts.
Outside working on the Truck with Daddy and Adam
 In Erwin where Adam and Candace live there is a fish hatchery so Ed and Adam took the boys here they are feeding the fish.
Anyone that knows Adam knows that he is just a big kid looking to get into trouble. Here they are with waterguns trying to cool off.

More love for Anagrace
 The Gang- its really hard to try and take a picture of seven people....we used the automatic setting and aside from all the extra stuff in the picture it tuned out pretty well. We are so glad that we got to spend the weekend with them and look forward to the next time we get together when there will be nine of us!


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