Thursday, May 26, 2011

21 Weeks

Better late then Here are a few pictures of me right around 20 weeks. We had our OB apt. last week and things are moving right along! Both of the boys looked great! Its really awesome that we get an ultrasound each time we go even though its just a for a few minutes to make sure they are doing ok its still great to see them and see how much they have grown. Everything looked good and we are right where we should be. Our Dr. was very honest with us letting us know that the next few weeks are going to be our "honeymoon" period so to speak. He said we need to enjoy them and get as much done as possible...that is our goal! This week we are preparing to go visit some friends and then take a short family vacation to the beach. Our last "big" trip as a family of four!

Right round 20 weeks
 Me and my FOUR boys!
 Me and My awesome hubby

How far along: 21weeks

Clothes: Maternity my favs are shorts and comfy shirts

Gender: 2 boys

Names: Still deciding....

Movement: Daily little flutters and kicks can't tell them apart yet but hopefully soon

Food/Cravings: Nothing really but I have ventured back into eatting a little bit of red meat...steak not hamburger...yet!

What I miss: sleeping comfortably I knew it would get to the point where it ws uncomfortable but was hoping not this soon. =)


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