Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Christian came home last Wenesday from preschool and said he had a loose tooth! What?!? I couldn't believe it the first thing that went through my mind was hes not old enough to have a loose tooth is he? I called the dentist to make sure...we were just there less then two weeks ago and they didn't say anything about a loose tooth!

Here he is...you can tell that it is REALLY loose!
Sunday after we got home from church before we had lunch Ed asked him did he want to go ahead and pull it out.... Chrisian said yes and sat right down and let Ed pull it out- he was so excited!!

Love this picture...but I must admit the first thing I see are his long eyelashes before I notice the missing tooth =)
Stop growing up for just a minute PLEASE!
Christian and Benjamin checking out the tooth
Here it is...

He was so excited about the tooth fairy coming....that was until it was time to go to bed he wanted to leave his tooth for the tooth fairy so he could see what she would leave but he was also really sad that he wouldn't get to keep his tooth. The next morning when he woke up and found 5 bucks he was ok with not having his tooth. =) Yes, I know $5 is a bit steep for the tooth fairy but when you have newborn twins and not a lot of options you go with what you got. The best part of him getting 5 dollars is that he said he wants to buy something for his brothers and then maybe something for himself. I though that was awesome that he is putting his brothers before himself. I also see this as a great opportunity to teach him how far 5 dollars really goes...

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